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November Colloquium: Culture-led Service Design in Lapland: Crossdisciplinary Projects, a Novel Doctoral Program, and Future Collaboration – Presentation by visiting researcher Soile Veijola

Monday 24th November 3 -5pm
Design Hub, Level 8 meeting area.


Soile Veijola (1960) is Professor of Cultural Studies of Tourism at Multidimensional Tourism Institute MTI at the Faculty of Social Sciences of University of Lapland in Rovaniemi, Finland, and Dozent at the University of Jyväskylä (sports tourism). Her background is in sociology and feminist theories and she teaches courses on cultural and social studies of tourism, ethical epistemologies of tourism, and writing master’s and doctoral theses. Her earlier research has dealt with social production of knowledge, social relations and gender; embodiment; mixed tem play; and tourism work. Her most recent and current interests deal with ‘the social’ in tourism, future tourist communities, the notion of mobile neighboring, tourism architecture and design, and the ontological, epistemological and ethical frameworks of ‘disruptive tourism’. She has published book chapters and articles, often with Eeva Jokinen, that examine tourism and hospitality from critical and feminist perspectives, in books (e.g. Touring Cultures, Visual Culture and Tourism, Travels in Paradox, Real Tourism) and journals (e.g. Theory, Culture & Society, NORA, Tourist Studies, Annals of Tourism Research). Her latest publications are ‘Mobile Neighbouring’ with Petra Falin (OnlineFirst 2014, Mobilities) and Disruptive Tourism and Its Untidy Guests. Alternative Ontologies for Future Hospitalities, co-authored with Jennie Germann Molz, Olli Pyyhtinen, Emily Höckert and Alexander Grit (2014,  Palgrave). She is an active member of her local community beyond the academia and participates in social and cultural life through, among other things, her monthly columns on tourism in society published in the regional newspaper.

The Future is Here: DFL September Colloquium – Stuart Geddes & Brad Haylock

Please join us for our next colloquium this coming Friday afternoon, as Stuart Geddes and Brad Haylock discuss the design of the visual identity and collateral material for The Future is Here at RMIT Design Hub

Friday 19 September @ 4:00pm

Meet at the front desk in the exhibition space:
RMIT Design Hub Project Room 1


We are in the midst of a transformation in the way we design, make and consume the objects that we depend upon. New techniques, technologies and relationships mean that the boundaries between designer, manufacturer and user are becoming increasingly blurred. Greater access to information about how objects are made, as well as access to those who traditionally make them, is revolutionising the role of the consumer so that more people than ever before are taking part in the production of our physical world. The Future is Here asks what this means for all of us.

The Future is Here is a touring exhibition created by the Design Museum, London. When on show at RMIT Design Hub, the exhibition included additional local design research projects that demonstrate the importance of speculation and prototyping to innovation and design, including a new exhibition identity and communication design solution by RMIT Design Futures Lab researchers Stuart Geddes and Brad Haylock.

The visual identity for The Future is Here at RMIT Design Hub has been approached in a way that embodies the themes of the exhibition. The visual identity, the exhibition signage, this catalogue and the other graphic elements showcase the latest visual communication design and production technologies, as well as a number of advanced manufacturing techniques usually reserved for other disciplines, such as architecture or industrial design.

Future Cities: DFL August Colloquium – Dan Hill

Please join us for our next colloquium this coming Monday afternoon, as Dan Hill discusses the Future Cities Catapult

Monday August 11 @ 3:45pm

RMIT Design Hub: Level 8 meeting room area

Dan Hill is Executive Director of Futures at the UK’s Future Cities Catapult. A designer and urbanist, he has previously held leadership positions at Fabrica, SITRA, Arup and the BBC. He writes regularly for the likes of Dezeen, Domus and Volume, as well as the renowned blog City of Sound.

Throughout a career focused on integrating design, technology, cities, media and people, Dan has been responsible for shaping many innovative, popular and critically acclaimed products, services, places, strategies and teams.

Between Land and Cloud: DFL July Colloquium – Dr Marius Foley & Blair Wilde

Please join us for our next colloquium this coming Monday afternoon, as Dr Marius Foley and Blair Wilde discuss learning between land and cloud

Monday July 14 @ 3:45pm
RMIT Design Hub: Level 8 meeting room area

Screenshot 2014-07-07 11.01.58

One of the significant shifts recently [over the last few years] is the way we have realised moving between the off and on line spaces, relatively seamlessly. What was once considered virtual and therefore some sort of adjunct to reality, has shifted to being sensual and real. It’s a different experience of the sensual, but progressively they are meshing [think of the physical, wearable computing, the audio interfaces yet to evolve, and the acceptance of the visual Skyping etc]. Continue reading

Producing critique: DFL March Colloquium – Dr Brad Haylock

Please join us for our second DFL colloquium for 2014! Dr Brad Haylock will present as our newest DFL member… hope to see you there!

Monday March 17 @ 3:45pm
RMIT Design Hub: Level 8 meeting room area

image credit: Wojtek Goscinski

image credit: Wojtek Goscinski


Brad Haylock is an artist, designer and publisher. He is Associate Professor in Communication Design at RMIT University, and founding editor of Surpllus, an independent publisher of printed matter pertaining to critical and speculative practices across art, design and architecture.