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Design Futures Lab Graduate Research Conference presentations

Please find attached the latest schedule and abstracts of all Design Futures Lab research candidates presenting during the Graduate Research Conference, 10-13th June.

Design Futures Lab have always worked really hard to create a culture of collegiality and shared inquiry, so I hope you and your friends / peers can come to this public presentation of work and celebrate the candidates’ achievements in meeting their milestones, or presenting their current thinking in their research.

I would also like to extend a warm welcome to all Communication Design staff, students, alumni and potential research applicants to come along to see the amazing exploration and challenges of research. I hope you’ll find it inspiring as much as we do!

Please download the program for GRC June 2014 here!

Humanness in design practices: a study of Familiness in Thai graphic design community – Khemmiga Teerapong

Please come along to learn, support and give feedback for Khem’s completion seminar on 3rd April, 9.30-10.30am, Design Hub, Level 8 meeting room. This is also in the DFL calendar.

Humanness in design practices: a study of Familiness in Thai graphic design community

This study explores humanness in design practices. While there is a significant body of research focusing on design artifacts and their contributions to economic and cultural capital, little is understood about human relationships and networks between designers and their community of practice. This research aims to understand how humanness influences design profession and design practices related to design contributing to society. This research focuses on the Thai graphic design community which interpersonal relationships are highly influential. An ethnographic approach was employed in this research through various methods of data collection. Qualitative data were obtained through semi-structured interviews, observations, informal conversations and graphic design works. Fourteen Thai graphic designers were selected from different backgrounds and they produced design projects relating to social issues. They are examples of socially responsible designers whose projects successfully impact on Thai society. An analysis of the qualitative data reveals strong connections between designers, and these social relationships lead to their design culture. The findings highlight that familiness as a subset of humanness is embedded in Thai graphic design community. This type of personal connections found in the community has been fostered from educational and professional bonds. The Thai designers gave their contributions to Thai society as familiness builds the community spirit and bring them to be an integral part of the society.