November Colloquium: Culture-led Service Design in Lapland: Crossdisciplinary Projects, a Novel Doctoral Program, and Future Collaboration – Presentation by visiting researcher Soile Veijola

Monday 24th November 3 -5pm
Design Hub, Level 8 meeting area.


Soile Veijola (1960) is Professor of Cultural Studies of Tourism at Multidimensional Tourism Institute MTI at the Faculty of Social Sciences of University of Lapland in Rovaniemi, Finland, and Dozent at the University of Jyväskylä (sports tourism). Her background is in sociology and feminist theories and she teaches courses on cultural and social studies of tourism, ethical epistemologies of tourism, and writing master’s and doctoral theses. Her earlier research has dealt with social production of knowledge, social relations and gender; embodiment; mixed tem play; and tourism work. Her most recent and current interests deal with ‘the social’ in tourism, future tourist communities, the notion of mobile neighboring, tourism architecture and design, and the ontological, epistemological and ethical frameworks of ‘disruptive tourism’. She has published book chapters and articles, often with Eeva Jokinen, that examine tourism and hospitality from critical and feminist perspectives, in books (e.g. Touring Cultures, Visual Culture and Tourism, Travels in Paradox, Real Tourism) and journals (e.g. Theory, Culture & Society, NORA, Tourist Studies, Annals of Tourism Research). Her latest publications are ‘Mobile Neighbouring’ with Petra Falin (OnlineFirst 2014, Mobilities) and Disruptive Tourism and Its Untidy Guests. Alternative Ontologies for Future Hospitalities, co-authored with Jennie Germann Molz, Olli Pyyhtinen, Emily Höckert and Alexander Grit (2014,  Palgrave). She is an active member of her local community beyond the academia and participates in social and cultural life through, among other things, her monthly columns on tourism in society published in the regional newspaper.