Blair Wilde


Blair 2013

Exploring the connections between design, technology and education.

Blair is the Design Technology coordinator for the Communication Design Program in the RMIT School of Media and Communication. In that role he works with the Schools EdTech committee to negotiate support for use of hardware, software and services in the Communication Design Studios.
Blair coordinates and teaches four undergraduate courses that establish knowledge and skill for on-screen design. The first course is communicating with colour and information graphics. The second course is publication design, both in-print and on-screen with an emphasis on typography. The third course is design process from proposal to pitch of an iPad app. The fourth is an elective, Adaptive Design, Mobile First.
Blair completed a Master of Design (Graphic Communication) in 2012 and is applying for a PhD on The Role of Communication Design in Technology Augmented Studio Practice. (Working title.)
Blair is working with Dr Marius Foley on the development of Connected Studios, a student centred online design studio. Study and practice augmented by technology.

M. Design (Graphic Communication)
RMIT University

Dip. Visual Communication Design
Wellington Polytech School of Design

Dip. Secondary School Teaching
Christchurch Teachers Training College