Jeremy Yuille

morning-grey-smallDr. Jeremy Yuille is an interaction designer, digital media artist and academic with a background in music, performance, code and architecture. While he likes designed things as much as the next person, he’s more interested in framing design as a verb that powers transdisciplinary collaboration.

Jeremy has a Master of Design from the Spatial Information Architecture Lab at RMIT University, exploring collaborative design practice in the context of interactive sound design for games and performance. His PhD from RMIT School of Media and Communication coins the term Forensic Wall as a site of design performance, exploring the way designers use ambiguity and their perceptions of affinity in the context of interaction design.

His research builds on these performative framings of design and proposes a new framework for designerly leadership, linked with the creative use of artifacts, and contemporary approaches to pedagogy.

Jeremy works with the Communication Design programmes at RMIT, where he undertakes collaborative research projects, supervises postgraduate students, and holds interaction design studios. He is also a certified scrum-master, and is a director emeritus of the Interaction Design Association, where he co-chaired the 2012 and 2013 IxDA Student Design Challenge. He is a juror for the 2015 Interaction Awards.

Jeremy can be found on the web and tweets @overlobe