There are several themes that are explored in Design Futures Lab.

Social futures aims to establish pathways and understanding for design’s role in addressing ‘wicked problems’ of our contemporary world. In looks towards future contexts of design that is distributed and increasingly mobile, networked, and adapted variously by future users in ways we may never know from the outset. In this context, design can explore how best to bring people into the design of invisible mediating structures around them, enable capacity building and ensure that their participation is and can be on-going in making their own futures. This endeavour builds on discourse in participatory design, transformation design, human-centred design, design for social innovation and service design.

These projects are:

Experiential futures groups together projects that use media & communication in performative ways to help people inhabit future experiences.

Publishing futures (Brad to write blurb)
These projects are:
• Future is Here exhibition

Studio / Pedagogy futures The studio (on and offline)  provides an interface between education and industry for the exploration of new design practices.

The  studio model blends practice and theory, and designed to create a culture of inquiry: a place for testing ideas; anticipating and working with success and failure; participating in critical discussion without bias; and co-creating with others in a flat network of participants, lecturers and external experts. Through the studio, participants explore and create new and transformative narratives with a view to their practical implications in the worlds of business, design and the community. Studios build designerly ways of knowing and design epistemologies and aim to develop pedagogy around the DFL research outcomes and PhD candidates.

These projects are:
Connected Studios
Exploring graphic design practice in transition
• Circus Oz Living Archive
• Design PhD crit

(others – please add and link to your respective projects)