Interpretation and Retail Design of Werribee Open Range Zoo Arrivals Precinct

Dr Toni Roberts

Project partners: Led by Haskell architects in collaboration with Motherworks.

The project involved redesign of the WORZ entry precinct including new car parks, entry and ticketing area, landmark artworks and retail design.  Toni’s role was to incorporate  interpretive elements into the arrivals precinct design that communicate key conservation activities undertaken by the zoo, including the Melako Beads for Wildlife project and the Eastern Barred Bandicoot conservation program.  Using a range of media including artworks and theming, the area  orients visitors to the  the zoo’s open range adventure activities emphasising the theme of ‘mobs, flocks and herds’.

Fabrication completed 2013.

Werribee Zoo Arrivals precinct




Photos by Toni Roberts 2014