Interpretation Consultancy for the Royal Australian Mint

Dr Toni Roberts

Since 2012, Toni Roberts (as Hatchling Studio) has been consulting with the Royal Australian Mint to develop interpretive content and collaborate in design and project management for their new gallery and digital media. The project integrates the theory and practice of interpretation and experience design in designing for engaging visitor experiences.

In 2012, Toni worked with WhiteCube on the Masterplan for redesign of the public galleries and foyer. The plan is undergoing staged implementation.

Toni’s consultation includes developing a comprehensive interpretive framework for communicating the history of Australian Coins, National Coin Collection and coin design and fabrication processes (completed 2013). Identified threads through the content include shaping Australia’s national identity through coin design, the impact of continuous technological developments on coin design and links with the school curriculum in history and science.

Currently the project is focused on developing digital interactive media to interpret the technology and processes used in creating our coins. Toni has distilled this complex process into a subway map style of diagram that can be quickly understood by visitors. Visitors will be able to see inside the equipment to view key processes that have never before been captured on video . The touch screens will be installed along the factory view walkway in 2015.