Whittlesea Bushfire Memorial

Dr Toni Roberts

Team members: Toni Roberts, David Gargiulo, Hamish Coates, Dianna Wells.

Led by Toni Roberts, the Hatchling Studio team won the project through competitive public tender to design the memorial and develop interpretive content. The memorial aims to communicate to future generations the impact of the devastating Black Saturday fires on the local community and to celebrate the community spirit that has supported those affected by the fires.

From the outset, community co-design of the interpretation was an essential aspect of the memorial design; a ‘narrative wall’ presents themes of fire, loss and the community spirit through image and text developed with community members.  Design is now complete and the memorial is set for construction in 2015.

Whittlesea Bushfire Memorial design, Hatchling Studio

render2v2 (1280x966)

Whittlesea Bushfire Memorial design, Hatchling Studio

Press: Northern Star Weekly