Connected Studios

Marius Foley,  Blair Wilde



Connected Studios, is a cloud-based space that provides a ‘concierge’ educational experience. The platform gets to know how each participant prefers to learn and which applications they tend to use, and tailors itself to each individual, offering suggestions on who to collaborate with and other user-centric initiatives.

Each participant has their own studio within Connected Studios and works at the centre of the community they build. As they use the platform, they develop their own literacies, practices and community dynamic to create the pull-platform to progress their enterprise.

As they take full advantage of Connected Studios, participants will learn how to establish and manage collaborative communication and project management platforms. They will be responsible for forming communities of interest and drawing in external experts to generating discussion around a range of issues and ideas.


A tablet magazine of work from within the studio, titled Innovations, will help to establish a window into the Connected Studio space, and the work produced within. Participants will be exposed to a diverse range of media and communication practices to help them express their ideas: social media, video, collaborative documents and so on.

Connected Studios  contributes to the  STUDIO PEDAGOGY / FUTURE LEARNING Theme