Exploring Graphic Design Practice in Transition

This project is being undertaken by Janine Sisson as part of her PhD.


Exploring Graphic Design Practice in Transition: Designing for Service with civil Organisations

The aim of this research is to explore my graphic design practice as it undergoes transition to a practice of “designing for service” (Kimbell 2011) and the nuances and strategic moves that this both enables and requires. Through project work with civil organisations, using a design research methodology, I will explore and reflect on the challenges of practice transition while critically and experimentally interrogating my own practice, as practiced. This research will include a series of design workshops and projects that utilise both graphic and service design methods, staged within the contexts and specificity of civil organisations.

Through an exploration of my own practice, this research will add knowledge to design discourse on the contribution that graphic design practice might offer to the developing a “particular kind of service design” practice that Kimbell (2011) describes as designing for service. Additionally this research offers the potential to contribute to developing graphic design practice and discourse through a critical engagement with the understandings and investigations brought about through ‘designing for service’ within the context of civil organisations.